Let’s Talk Part 2!

Let’s Talk Part 2!

You asked and I have answered! Trying to get to as many as I can for now, some of you I have responded to within the blog itself. For readability, I cannot answer you all though I’m sorry. But let’s get to the top few!

Hi Aisiha…good question. I have to alter the question a bit to answer. Most often I feel like people think or assume things about me that just simply aren’t true. For instance, people think I got my job because of my husband. Not true, I was employed here before I ever met him as a wrestler and ring announcer. I left on my own and then returned on my own. Nothing to do with him at all. Another thing people seem to assume is that I was just a model. Not true. I received a full academic scholarship to U of M. SUPER hard school to get into AND I am the only person I have ever met to get a full scholarship there!! I couldn’t believe it when I got that letter let me tell you! Most frequently I feel people forget some of my achievements, like friends and family. That used to really upset me. But now I don’t really get bothered by it. When you set the bar high more and more is expected of you. So I may not get praised much for my achievements as of late but hey, that’s ok. The person who does always recognize and remember is my husband. That’s more than enough for me.

Well Tori, that’s a privilege to hear you say that so thank you very much. It’s very motivating too. It makes me want to try my hardest, do my best and be a good person. That’s the long and short of it. I assure you Tori, hard work does pay off, and treating others how you would like to be treated is worth your while. Sometimes, it just takes time to see and understand it.

Cody and I is a fun story to share. Never get tired of it. I was working for WWE and barely knew anyone. One day he just started talking to me, picking with me it seemed. I told a friend of his this and she told me he was definitely “flirting” with me. I’m sure my cheeks burned at the thought of this but I put it out of my mind because I didn’t want to expect anything. Shortly thereafter, he invited me to come to a dinner after Smackdown with a group of people. I didn’t decline and I thanked him for the invite…then he just kept lingering around my car and I was thinking “is he going to ask me for my number or what??” Well, he didn’t. I left for my hotel and when I arrived I got a text message from a random number asking me if I was coming to dinner. I asked who it was (even though I knew) and he said he was someone else. I said not true and he came clean. Got my number from a friend. I declined dinner for about 2 weeks until finally accepting and we have been together ever since. Still kick myself sometimes for not going to dinner sooner but I wanted to see how much he liked me…apparently I was worth the wait 😉

Hi Juanus! I am from a suburb of Michigan called Canton. I grew up with and older brother. I am the youngest. My parents are great people and great examples. Loving marriage, hard working and God-fearing. I started figure skating at age 4. I skated competitively for 17 years. I was in love with skating. I was very good and had many friends from all over the world. Once I got into my sophomore year at Michigan I decided to hang up my skates but I missed it SO much. Nothing has ever been as fulfilling to me as cutting into that ice. But after awhile you have to grow up and move on so I did. I moved to Miami and I modeled full time. Hard to do consistently but I had good agents and a lot of drive. While I was there I was attending UMiami for a Masters Broadcast Journalism program (the BEST. If you’re interested in broadcasting get GREAT GRADES ace the Grad exam and get into Miami!!! Awesome program there). That’s when WWE randomly found me and decided to give me a shot. I was a wrestler first but once they learned of my broadcasting background I transitioned into hosting and announcing. That’s pretty much it!

Thank you guys for your great questions! It was fun getting to answer them in full! We will do this again for sure! And for my ladies who asked about skin care and such…I’m going to do a blog soon just for you detailing my whole regime! So I hope you will enjoy.
Brandi Runnels

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