HHN Again and Again!

HHN Again and Again!

Ok, so…it’s October 10th…and I’ve already been to Halloween Horror Nights TWICE this year. No, I don’t even live in Orlando. And yes, I don’t have much time off. So…why is it that everytime we get a free moment we put Halloween Horror Nights over a beach getaway or a Vegas Vacay?? Read on…

HHN is a tradition for Cody and myself. In fact, our first real date (the one where loveydovey words were first spoken) was at HHN21. Since then every year we try to catch lightning in a bottle of fun again and every year we succeed! So why go anywhere else? Ok we do go elsewhere from time to time, but here’s what HHN has to offer.

Ever stayed in a suite at Universal Loew’s Royal Pacific Hotel and noticed their garden planter boxes? Oh, you need to. It’s the lap of luxury. Old school luxury. Like turn down service, cocktail hours and desert hours…snacks on request. That type of thing. Loew’s has it down pat. And with the help of VIP hosts like our friend Raymond…there is no guess work. The trip is seamless and our comfort is 100% guaranteed.

From Royal Pacific you can take a water taxi (or walk, which I never do) over to Universal. We usually go over a bit early and get dinner and drinks somewhere like Cowfish or Hard Rock Cafe. And from that point, it’s party time.

This year is Universal’s 25th Anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights. And it’s very spectacular. This years houses are: Monsters of Mayhem: 25 years, Freddy vs. Jason, Insidious, American Werewolf in London, Body Collectors, the Purge, RUN, Alice in Wonderland 3D and The Walking Dead. My personal favorites are Monsters of Mayhem, Freddy vs Jason and RUN. But each house is great. Not good, great. They all bring something special to the table. I’m not into spoilers so I won’t go to far.

The scare zones are equally amazing. Very large and heavily decorated. You are never safe at HHN. Be open to being scared at all times. The scares are fair though. No one will ever touch you, they get close but they are professionals.

Other treats along the way include the Jack show…the original clown host of Horror Nights is back with a vengeance! His live show is awesome and very much worth a watch. Bill and Ted is great as always, although I must admit, I’m not always so familiar with the pop-culture references. But it’s still pretty fun and hilarious to see. But another amazing treat is that J.K. Rowling allowed Diagon Alley to be open this year. It’s separated from everything else, so it’s a great time to ride Gringotts without a huge line (we waited 10minutes). And also a great place to grab a Wizard Brew or a Dragonscale Ale while playing some fun sports betting games at ufabet168.info/%E0%B8%9A%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%84%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%A3%E0%B9%88%E0%B8%B2-sa/

Horror Nights is magical. It’s childlike wonder, but with blood packet Jell-O shots that taste like Sex on the Beach. It’s a place to escape and allow your imagination to be captured…or your nightmares. Worth a visit for horror and non-horror fans alike. I mean…unless you’re…scared.


Brandi Runnels

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