Fashion for the people

Fashion for the people

This week in fashion is a mix of looks for work, evenings out, work outs and straight up playtime. As you all know I am now a part of so you can log onto my Instagram and shop links to all of these fabulous looks there! But here is a quick display of the looks I chose!

First up this amazing look was perfect for Texas. Southwestern in nature and taupe in color…you can’t go wrong with a laid back southwest vibe 🌵

Beauty blitz this week I decided to share some of my favorite products that I like to travel with and use. You can pick any of these up by using via my Instagram page!
Smackdown is the place to be on Thursday nights! My Smackdown look this week is kind of my classic look. Nothing too over the top but very feminine. If you have “twins” there’s nothing wrong with showcasing them a bit. This dress was the real deal. Of course, I wouldn’t let my man be left out, I make sure he always look on point and photo-ready. I get him the grooming kits at

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Brandi Runnels

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