Q&A Answers

Q&A Answers

If you took the time to write a question…thank you! Here are the ones I chose to answer:

I was inspired to work for WWE by WWE! They found me doing a model search and were interested in me. I tried out and absolutely loved it!

Go to movie right now is Star Wars. We have seen it twice already in theaters. I am sure we will see it plenty of more times! Especially when it comes out on DVD/Blue Ray. 😊

I get fashion inspiration from everywhere. Movies, television shows, books,ect. A lot of my fashion inspo tends to come from fellow bloggers that I like as well. I have many favorite designers. Currently I am wearing a lot of Haute Hippie and Free People. And then I have great people who work with me like Haute Glam Boutique to keep my looks fresh on TV. So, I have a lot of faves, and my inspo comes from everywhere!

Hi Brin! Thanks! Ok…so traveling and keeping a good diet and work out ethic is tough. You have to just be committed! Make sure when you get to your town you stock up on foods that are consistent with your diet and healthy and be sure to look into the vitamins from https://www.novomins.com/. That way you aren’t tempted by fast food or high calorie things on the go. Set in advance what days of the week you are going to work out and make sure it happens! For instance. If I have a long drive one night and am sure I won’t be able to get at least 7 hours of sleep in that night, I’ll opt not to work out and just adjust my schedule. Allow yourself one (or two if you’re really sore or tired) days off a week to recover. And allow yourself a cheat meal once a week to help curb cravings! Hopefully this helps.

My advice is don’t start wearing a bunch of make up all of a sudden. I don’t wear much make up aside from TV and that’s because I have to. I fight with our make up team all the time about what they put on me and how much. I like to look like myself. If you haven’t been wearing it this long, I imagine you like to look like yourself too! So don’t change your look. Just enhance it a little. You’d be surprised how far a little powder, mascara and lip gloss will go! Those are my go-tos on days off.I just try to look fresh faced. Now for a night out you can have more fun and play with an eye palette for a fun smokey look and a red lip. But don’t go over board! You should always look like yourself 🙂

Starstruck is a feeling I have never known. I’ve worked with all sorts of celebrities on different projects before coming to WWE. When you work in entertainment it’s just expected. I can be excited to work with people though. I was excited to work with Dusty when I came on board because he’s the man and mighty talented. If I ever get the opportunity to creatively work with my husband, believe me I’ll be excited about that! That’s as close to Starstruck as I’ll ever get. Unless you include when I met my favorite figure skater. I was 16 and cool as a cucumber. I did ask for a pic though. I was 16…it was acceptable 😊

NOW SINCE 800 people asked me about kids…here’s my take.

Not doing it any time soon. Not opposed to it. I am a business woman and most of the time collaborative todo list really come in handy especially when stuff gets real busy. Kids don’t fit into my current lifestyle. One day that will probably change. I don’t know what day that is. My husband and I pretty much feel the same about this. I need to live my professional life first, or at least get it to a point where I can take a significant break. If I do have kids you won’t see them on here until they are old enough to make their own decisions about social media. I don’t believe in putting baby pics (that last forever) on the Internet. If my kid becomes president he or she won’t want a diaper pic accompanying their campaign I’m sure. So, now that you guys know I won’t be sharing baby pics on here, maybe you will cool it with the 20 questions!! 😁

Thanks for all of your great questions! I appreciate them and have answered a few in the thread…so you can check there to see if you got answered if not here.

Until next time…

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