Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Believe it or not, I am wearing NO make up in this photo. There is no photoshop it is just me as is. My agent at the time was big on clean faces and the client knowing exactly what they were getting to work with. Only fair. This headshot secured me many jobs. In the Miami market I was known for having incredible skin. It’s a lot to live up to! Everyone gets a blemish every now and again, so I developed a very simple skincare regime that I have stuck with for many years, and I would like to share. So…here goes!

My go to cleanser might shock you. It’s not costly… It’s cheap. St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Just the normal classic. I use it daily. For my skin, it doesn’t over-exfoliate, but then again, I’m not scrubbing like a mofo. So start slow with this and listen to your face. If you feel it’s too much exfoliation…use every other day. If you are looking for altenative ways to make money, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via เว็บพนันออนไลน์ ufabet.

A great facial moisturizer is super important. On camera I have to wear HD make up and primer only protects so much. Murad provides me with great protection. It goes on thin but still feels very moisturizing and clean. The primer I use is by Stila (I will link this as well). These are the most costly items I use, well worth the price tag for top notch protection!

For the rest of my body I use Dove because it’s the cleanest. No heavy fragrances or heavy ingredients. I have very, very sensitive skin. I cannot tamper around with “Bath & Body Works” style shower gels and lotions. I am like an infant, my skin likes to be pampered (heck I use Johnson & Johnson bubble bath). Currently, I use the “Gentle Exfoliating” Dove formula, but I have used and enjoyed both the sensitive skin and original formulas as well.

For all over lotion I like richness. I never ever want to feel dry, and as much as I travel, especially in winter, I have found that Olay Quench is THE BEST. I have tried many different brands and this one stands the test of time. It’s rich, not oily, and it has a shimmer to it which is pretty in the summer. And it’s cost efficient as well!

But let’s not leave hair off of this list. Shampoo and conditioner combos are important. I tend to bounce around a bit with brands but I have found that for me, sulfate-free is the way to go. Currently I’m using Pureology. It’s lightly fragrant, very clean and moisturizing for my hair. Gives the scalp a nice little tingle too.

All of these products are linked for your convenience via my Instagram (@realedenwwe). If you’d like to order any of these, here’s how: go to and enter your email. Go to my Instagram page and like the beauty blog pic. You will be emailed shortly the links to browse all of the products. If you like, buy one! If not, no worries 🙂 this option is also available with all of my fashion pics as well!


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