Understanding Our Attractiveness

One study investigated the relationship between physical attractiveness and psychological attributes using an attractiveness scale. Participants rated photos of strangers according to how attractive they thought they were. People with positive personality descriptions received the highest attractiveness ratings. Positive traits could play a part in how we judge attractiveness. A study from 2016 also found that men with high testosterone were attracted by women with a more feminine appearance – one with larger eyes, higher eyebrows, and smaller jaws. The attraction process may also be affected by other factors, such hormones.

attractiveness scale

Influence of skin colour on facial attractiveness

Researchers have investigated the influence of skin colour on facial attractiveness. Researchers found that women with blue skin colour spaces were less attractive than those with homogeneity in contrast. The authors also discovered that skin texture and colour can influence perceptions of age and health. This research has important implications for our understanding of facial attractiveness.

Three facial features have been identified by evolutionary psychologists as candidates for biologically based partner preferences. They are symmetry, averageness and skin colour. While adiposity, sexual dimorphism and attractiveness are closely linked, recent research has focused more on skin colour. It has also been found that carotenoid-based skin yellowness increases facial attractiveness and is correlated with an individual’s diet.

Walking style has an influence on physical attractiveness

The influence of walking style on physical attractiveness may not be an absolute one, but the research points to some interesting implications. Researchers conducted five separate studies of over 700 people, three of which involved animated walking. Women who walked with their hips swaying increased their perceived attractiveness by 50%. Men who walked with their shoulders raised were 2x more attractive than those who swagger. Although the study was relatively small, it hints at a universal idea about physical attractiveness.

The peak shift effect, which is associated with waist-to-hip ratios in biological motion, is one way to determine the effect of walking style on physical attractiveness. The study employs a novel measurement technique to examine the coordinated motor patterns that are produced when subjects alternate between attractive WHR stimuli and unattractive ones. The experiment uses enough stimuli to produce a peak shifting effect in perceptions about physical attractiveness.

Evaluative measures of ad effectiveness are affected by personality inferences

This study found that people draw inferences about the advertisement’s subject, which can impact the effectiveness of the ad. Social psychology literature shows that this inference is common. It may even influence the effect of physical attractiveness on ad effectiveness. The study found that gender influences inferences. Further studies are needed to explore whether or not inferences can be controlled to enhance ad effectiveness.

In a study with male subjects, researchers found that males perceived attractive female models in the role of expert coffee drinkers. These inferences had inconsistent results, but personality was a mediator variable. For example, an introverted shy person might perceive a female model as a knowledgeable expert coffee sapper.

Effect of emotional maturity on physical attractiveness

Psychologists have been wondering for years if age has an effect on the perception of physical attractiveness. Berry, D.S. and McArthur L.Z. have provided some insights. While attractiveness has been an important determinant in social status, evidence is mounting to the contrary. Age does not affect physical attractiveness, but it can influence how people perceive others.

Emotional maturity can also impact how you interact with others. The way you react to negative comments can be a good indication of how well you relate with others. Take a deep breath, and think about what you would like to say if you are feeling frustrated. People who are emotionally mature speak out in a calm, direct manner.

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