Give me ASIA

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I had major reservations about coming to Singapore and Japan. I loved the idea of crossing the globe, but let me tell you guys…I LOVE ... Read More


Two most common travelling mistakes which you don’t know about!

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Come on, let's imagine: you're on holiday abroad. You don't know anybody. You don't communicate in the language. What's more, your wallet is lost. Or on the other hand, your best shirt is smudged badly. Or, your bag's too weighty to even think about continuing. You may be out of ... Read More


Understanding Our Attractiveness

Understanding Our Attractiveness

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One study investigated the relationship between physical attractiveness and psychological attributes using an attractiveness scale. Participants rated photos of strangers according to how attractive they ... Read More

Choosing The Right Air Freshener

Choosing The Right Air Freshener

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Choosing the Right Air Freshener can be a challenge. The type you select can have a significant impact on the overall smell of a space. ... Read More

The Importance of good Hairdressing Scissors

The Importance of good Hairdressing Scissors

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There are many important things to remember when choosing hairdressing scissors. You must first choose high-quality scissors. You must also ensure that they are in ... Read More