Penny For Your Thoughts…

Penny For Your Thoughts…

Feeling particularly uninspired today, so I’d like to open us up for conversation today on the blog! As you may or may not know, I stopped doing Question and Answer sessions on Twitter because…well for many, many reasons. But I find when I do them here on the blog they are much more fulfilling for everyone involved! I can answer MUCH more in depth over here and I can control the conversations. Offensive things do not get posted here, so there are less people upset and fighting. It’s just easier and far more productive so…lets have a go!

If you have a burning question to ask, go right ahead and reply to this message with it. I will answer whatever I can in my next blog. Some of you I may just reply to in the comments if the response isn’t too long.

Also feel free to take this time, if you don’t have a question, and let me know what you think about Eden’s Style, an outfit you’ve seen me wear recently, something you’d like to see me cover in the future…whatever!

Starting…NOW! 😊

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