Reality Check

Reality Check

This blog will put some people off. I do not apologize. Chances are if it does you are the kind of person I am speaking of. Last night my husband returned to RAW to finish what he started and some “fans” we’re peeved with him ANGRY because they wanted something else. They wanted him to use what happened to his father as a “stepping stone”. Not for Cody, but for themselves. Maybe that’s to feel better about everything or maybe they are just that selfish. But to publicly crap on the most courageous thing someone in this position could do which was pick up and carry on and do it brilliantly, shame on you.

For people who say “he needed to do that for Dusty”…hold on there happy pants, you never knew Dusty. You never sat in his living room or the PC and heard him PRAISE his work. All of it. And appreciate the way Cody took everything and anything and turned it into brilliance, Summer plans that he came up with himself…How he NEVER QUITS AT ANYTHING. And I bet you never saw the screen saver on his phone…that I won’t share with you. He admired these things about Cody how all of his fans should. Instead some complain and moan and complain and tweet and say “I’m just so upset because I am his number one fan”. Newsflash…putting “Rhodes” somewhere in your Twitter handle does not a fan make. Being there, especially in a time like this, without ulterior motives is what makes the best fans. And we have PLENTY and their voices are heard and we appreciate you.

Sometimes you have to take a stand and say something, like last night when my husband after being away grieving for a month was yelled to as we are loading our car “come take a picture with us, we pay your bills”. It didn’t get her a picture. It got her choice words from me because no one owns us. I like Garth Brooks, I’ve paid money to see him live, hear his music. But I would never dare say to Mr. Brooks “take a picture with me because I pay your bills”. But hey, I’m not a complete idiot…pride myself in that. But to say something like that to someone who’s been through SO much in the past month…

Ok we all have lost someone. I took the loss of my grandmother very hard. But my grandmother was my grandmother. She had her immediate family and friends grieving, not the whole world. No one posted videos of her or did network specials on her and everywhere I went I didn’t have people talking to me about her, strangers basically poking me on the forehead, day in and day out saying “hey remember when your grandma died? Remember? Remember? Remember?????” If I could turn back time, I would hire a Video Agency to give my grandmother a proper tribute she deserves. 

Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to send love and condolences. I’m just saying that unless your situation was the exact same you do not know how it feels. I DO NOT KNOW HOW THAT FEELS.

This is my place to say what’s on my mind and I feel I just did. I am very happy for the true blues and the die hards. Patience is a virtue and we all are guilty of Internet complaining from time to time. But when you take a step back and look at THE BIG PICTURE often times we find that there are reasons for everything. The world is not against you because something on TV didn’t go your way. Trust me, things could be far worse.

AND PLEASE for the love of precious puppies…

Do not comment on here with how I should be more “understanding” or not talk about this or take a “high road” or how I’m too big for this and people are jealous and all of that. If you feel urged to say that go back and re-read you missed the point completely. If this makes you uncomfortable GOOD. Sit and wallow in it a minute and know how it feels to be on the other side. I don’t want advice, or opposing opinions on this one. Listen and digest is all.


Brandi Runnels.

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