Friends…How Many of us Have Them?

Friends…How Many of us Have Them?

Often times I think I’m guilty of attaching the word friend to folks that I’ve just known for a long time. Nostalgia won’t allow me to say “hey, we just aren’t as close as we once were and that’s totally ok!” Instead I (and a couple of other family members of mine) make excuses as to why so and so didn’t show up for such and such or didn’t call us on that important day and really deep down there’s resentment over the situation, and it’s kind of silly.

Truly, I believe that friendships change over time. Some strengthen, some grow apart and new ones form. You have to be open to all of it to experience what you’re truly intended to. For instance, my anniversary was pretty eye opening. Some of the folks I consider myself very close with for many years didn’t even think to send me a message…they just liked my Instagram post and it was like, really? I thought maybe I deserved a “happy anniversary girl!” text from someone who was there on that day ? Due to social media we really don’t have to remember dates anymore (and I really don’t expect people to) but when you see something like that roll by your timeline and you are a true friend…a text or call is…just way cooler! Y’all could even bond over some fun and thrilling 벳엔드 주소 online.

But then randomly that evening I get a text from the friend I’d known the least amount of time. She doesn’t even have Instagram or Twitter , somehow she knew on her own. We had a quick exchange back and forth and I said “I can’t believe you remembered that!” And she said…”I’m your friend! I was there for your big day! Of course I did!” Mind. Blown. Sometimes, I just kick back and enjoy some random chats via Chatrandom. Because sometimes strangers could touch our hearts when we don’t expect it.

And then the next day at work Nattie informs me that she spoke to Cody and found me the perfect anniversary gift (an amazing Stardust make up pallet OF COURSE! Which I love) and Nattie and I weren’t even buddies when I got married. But she saw that I was having a special day and she cared enough to get me a gift. So thoughtful and generous and these days Nattie and I are a great friends but I never would have expected that from her.

It just goes to show that sometimes pals pop up in the least expected places…and other times, maybe we expect too much from our “true blue crew”. But I don’t let the past and nostalgia stand in the way of creating new bonds and new memories with new friends. There once was a time that I had no buddies at work. These days though I find myself trusting, confiding in and wanting to be a helping hand or good ear to many of my fellow ladies in the locker room…far beyond our time on the road. I think in the past my heart just wasn’t open to new friends. Now I’ve discovered my heart has a pretty large capacity and is fuller and happier with more people to love and care for!

Brandi Runnels

(And now a buddy photomontage 😁).

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