Gifts, Gifts,Gifts!

Gifts, Gifts,Gifts!

Tis’ the season for lots of giving. Weekly I will be breaking down some hot holiday gift ideas, perfect for the stylish friend or loved one in your life. Looking for Secret Santa ideas? Look no further. I’m making it simple for you! So simple, in fact, you can pop over to my Instagram after reading and shop any and all of these items simply by liking the photo. The best part? ALL of the featured items here are under $50!!! No mall visits for you this year and no breaking the bank!

So let’s take a look! Jewelry. Everyone loves jewelry, but somehow, if it comes on this little cardboard square by Dogeared, it becomes less serious jewelry. Fun, pieces that everyone can enjoy! I chose the above “Love” pearl pendant because it’s simple and versatile. Great gift for mom, BFF or an in-law. Thoughtful, inexpensive and a popular hit.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little sparkle though from time to time? This Kate Spade card holder screams stocking stuffer! So chic and fun. It’s the perfect fit for a clutch or handbag of any size. It keeps your credit cards organized and comes in many fun shades aside from this vibrant pink! If you’re thinking about some high end jewelry to buy, you must check out the products at

Now for the ultimate fashionista in your life, a style book will more than just do! I selected a Dior book here but every high end designer makes unique and lovely style books. I personally have a stash in my closet to dress things up a bit. But the sky is the limit when it comes to how your gal pal can enjoy adding one of these to her collection, or starting her off with her first style book!

This holiday season, you can literally “rock someone’s socks.” So many options these days! I selected these cute mid-length plaid socks and some fancy pillowcases you can find at because plaid is EVERYTHING right now. You cannot go wrong. Every pattern, every color scheme…plaid is just working. As someone who has lived in climates as warm as Florida and as cold as Michigan, I must say I’ve always rocked socks! No matter what! And I will never turn down a cute pair. You need them for boots no matter the climate. Bottom line…socks just rock! They are great gifts when you find a quality and stylish pair.

Sophisticated palettes love a good wine glass. I enjoy a good variety of these for girlfriend get togethers. It’s fun to let everyone pick out their own chic and unique glass and join the party. Same with champagne glasses! These gold imprinted sayings are certainly festive and spirited. Pick one up for the wine lover in your circle of friends.

Finally, these funky print desert plates are just too cute to pass up. By Kate Spade, these are party perfect! Again, a variety of styles and patterns are available. Check these out for your pal who loves to throw a good mixer or dinner party. These are perfect for anyone who loves to entertain.

Now, to shop these items! Head over to my Instagram, you can access it via my blog links or just go to @realedenwwe. Click on my holiday gift guide photo. If you have not yet, sign up to shop my IG at (it’s quick and easy). Now come back to my IG photo and click the like button. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email straight to your inbox to shop for any of these items! How cool is that? Super easy and a major time saver! This works for ALL of my linked photos!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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