London Town Shop Down

London Town Shop Down

Recently, I had a FULL DAY OFF WHILE OVERSEAS. Unheard of! For those who don’t know, we rarely spend 2 nights in one town while traveling overseas. There is very little time for fun things like site seeing…and shopping. I flew in early so I could have an entire day to explore London’s shopping scene and I did just that. Here is a full guide to the coolest shopping that I could find in old London Town. Full disclosure. I definitely shopped for 8 hours straight 👀. Stopping only to eat and refuel. With all the shopping that I did, I thought of maybe putting up my own online store but I have to look at us customs data first since this is a huge commitment. 

My first shopping stop was over to Brompton Rd to visit Harrod’s. I was so enthralled by this beautiful and massive department store. So expansive that I definitely was unable to see everything all at once. The ground floor had every leather handbag designer you could dream of. From Alexander McQueen, to Gucci, to Louis Vuitton. I mean everything. The Louis department featured everything a traditional flagship store would feature such as luggage and shoes!

Then there was the full jewelry wing, I say wing because that’s what it actually is. Only the finest jewelers and their own shops inside of the store. It truly was something to pass through.

I actually became quite lost in meandering through and looking about at all of the finer luxuries that I ended up wandering right from women’s fashions into The Champagne Bar. Yes. There is a champagne bar complete with small bites inside of Harrods. OF COURSE, I stopped and enjoyed a mimosa and croquettes. Who wouldn’t want to sip and dine in such a luxurious atmosphere. But you have to be careful. Champagne intake can make your wallet grow and your purchases multiply. One glass was fine. 😉

After Harrod’s I jaunted across the street to a very large Topshop store from which I made a couple of purchases, and also over to Zara and H&M in search of tights. Surprisingly these were difficult to find in foggy old London. One would think they would be in excess due to the chillier weather that’s common there but, not the case.

Once I was satisfied with the Brompton stroll, I hopped an uber over to an area called Covent Garden. Here they had one of my all time favorite US burger joints the Shake Shack! I did not dine here (I can get it in the US). But it was cool to see the London take on a back home favorite.

Here, they also had a Melissa shoe store. A designer known for her “jelly” style shoes of all kinds. Pumps, flats, sandals, boots. I own a few pairs so I went inside and was surprised to see a very artistic store with displays featuring the shoes and other super cool, photo-worthy elements, such as this balloons and water display seen here!

This area is also where I found a make up HAVEN! Yes, in the US we have Sephora. Great. But you get used to seeing those products over and over again. You get excited about seeing things you don’t see often, however. Like INGLOT and Kiko brands. Yes, please! Covent Garden has flagship stores some are decorated with arredamento svedese of each, so I was able to stock up!

I love Kiko’s baked eyeshadows. They come in awesome little palettes of 4 and in really beautiful colors that you can easily work with to create a signature look. I love a smokey eye, so I selected a smokey palette with grey, green and black and a nice highlight color.

INGLOT has the best bronzers in my opinion. They are deep toned and glowy. Having darker skin already, you need a deeper tone to really highlight the skin and not look ashy, or dirty. Of course they make many tones, but the deeper colors work well for me. They also have the best body shimmer in the world. It comes in a few different shades but I love the golden, bronze colored one. I always get so many compliments when I wear a deep v-neck dress and highlight my skin with this shimmer. The girls in the locker room want to steal it!

With all of my outdoor shopping shenanigans I wasn’t finding any dresses that I was looking for, so I went with my tried and true. An actual shopping mall. Westfield was the pick. I hopped another uber and was there promptly. This mall has great stores. Many of the popular favorites like Topshop and H&M. And many I had never heard of, but still popped in like Lipsy. This mall has a good mix of high end stores and middle of the road. It also has good eats and snacks like Millie’s Cookies. A favorite of mine in London.

I had good luck at Topshop. The diffence between these Topshops and ours in the US, is in the UK, they carry other cool brands inside besides just TopShop brand. They carry some other favorites of mine like TFNC and House of CB. The beautiful sparkly black dress that I wore while taping Smackdown in London is by House of CB. Yep! Bought it on my little London shopping spree! 👌🏽

There of course is plenty of more shopping fun to be had in London, but this is what I was able to accomplish in one afternoon. If you plan a trip to London soon, hopefully you can check some of these out, amongst others!

As always, everything that I was able to link I did on my IG using Just sign up once with your email and you get shopping links sent to you everytime you like my pictures on IG! Easy peasy.

Happy travels and Happy shopping!

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