English Style

English Style

The past two weeks I have spent across the pond, over in various parts of the United Kingdom. I visit twice a year with WWE when we have our tours. This year in particular, the weather was colder than I recall it ever being on past visits. So I was glad I had new coats and boots along on the journey to make myself much more comfy and cozy while out sightseeing!

This winter I am all about the over-the-knee boot and the thermal Henley. For me, it’s a look that allows me to do anything. A knee-high boot, like these by Ivanka Trump, is classy and dressy. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, tights or bare-legged with a skirt or dress. The options are endless. I prefer a lower or even flat heel to provide an element of comfort for work and travel.

Thermal henleys aren’t the dressiest shirts ever, but paired with the right accessories the look can be a knock out. Gray skinnies, over-the-knee boots and a chunky bangle bracelet takes this look up to a business casual level. The Henley itself is so warm and comfortable, it fits perfectly under a trench coat or leather jacket without a bulky look or feel. These are perfect for layering or just wearing alone. I had someone Instagram me saying they thought thermals were only for under your clothes. I’ve been wearing thermal shirts for years, and they ain’t been under any clothes!

But what about outdoors? The climate tends to vary when traveling ALL over the UK. You can never be too prepared (hence my packing 3 large suitcases, one always notoriously overweight). So I generally opt to bring a leather jacket and a more weighted coat. This brown leather jacket is an older edition from Bebe. I can still find it online, you can use my liketoknow.it links via Instagram to shop for it. The black hooded trench coat is Michael Kors. I love it because it is light-weight, but very well insulated and super warm! It’s a great option for travel. Bulky coats and jackets take up far too much space in a checked bag. A good trench coat is essential.

Both looks were made extra cozy by simply adding a scarf. This particular one is from Nordstrom. It goes with both browns and black. I’ve never been a huge fan of scarves, but after this trip and the much needed warmth, I am now building my collection!

You can shop all of the above looks by heading over to my Instagram (also linked to this blog). First go to www.liketoknow.it and sign up with your email. After this feel free to like any of my posted IG pics. Soon your will receive email links to shop each one!

Happy Shopping and Stay Warm!

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