Material Girl

Material Girl

A couple of days ago I was classified (by a man who knew very little of what he was talking about) as one of “those materialistic Louis Vuitton girls”. Before getting into the dissection of that statement…I’ve a statement to make.

I like quality clothing and yes, some brands I chose to wear are expensive. No shit Sherlock. I am a fashion blogger who is also on television. Isn’t that kind of a given?? 👀

So where do we begin when it comes to labeling women who like certain labels? Well, it’s a pretty long discussion to get into. But first, let’s compare apples to apples.

There are plenty of men who enjoy certain fashion labels. I work for WWE. In the talent locker rooms there are plenty of Louis Vuitton and Tumi bags respectively. Male and Female. The women’s locker room is materialistic, but the men’s locker room? I’ve never seen anyone call my husband a label whore for carrying Tumi or the occasional Louis bag from time to time.

So where does it come from? Why does is come about that men strike hard against a woman for fancying an expensive piece of luggage? Something they will have for YEARS and use every single day or her life? Sounds a worthy investment to me…I mean, I purchased my husband a Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade for his birthday last year. I reached into my savings account and spent a solid $3000 without a second thought and it’s been played maybe five times. But that’s acceptable to most men. A bag of that cost though. Mmmmm nope, sorry, you’re materialistic. And to secure my prized possessions, I put up ip cameras in the rooms I store them in.

For decades men have been bashing other men for surprising their loved ones with extravagant gifts. The age old “a ring that size? He’s overcompensating for something.” That one makes me laugh. So what you’re saying is…if you’re well endowed you better buy a tiny diamond for the love of your life. Your fault for having a big old penis. What a crock. Men can be cattier than us gals.

Why is it anyone’s business anyway? In fact why make it your business? If I, as a woman, want a designer hand bag and I either a) want to get it for myself or b) my husband wants to surprise me with a gift for Christmas or my birthday, what’s it to you anyway?

Personally? I think it’s insecurity. I think it’s easier for an insecure person to point fingers and poke fun at someone else because they themselves don’t get it or perhaps feel it’s out of their personal price range. Once upon a time a Louis Vuitton bag was well out of my price range. I knew that and just didn’t shop in the store. I had plenty of friends and colleagues that did though and I felt no hate or jealousy towards them…it just wasn’t my world. So I cannot understand the labeling game. I don’t remember once in my life saying “what an idiot she is for getting that bag. I mean it’s well within her means but sheesh what a neurotic egghead to spend that kind of money on a timeless piece.” These days, being on the other side of the fence, I don’t ever recall looking down on a person for not being into Louis. My best friend can certainly afford any bag she wants but it just isn’t her thing. She’s into cars. I’m alright with that.

I think people get confused that if you endulge in some of the finer things it’s automatically “oh you fancy huh?” Nope. Certain things make me feel good. I’m happy that my hard work has afforded me them. Reminder of where I’ve come from, where I am now, and where I still have to go. The buck stops there.

People have different preferences on what they spend their money on. Some people in one solid night of partying will spend the equivalent of a small luxury bag in drugs and alcohol and describe opiate nod. That’s not my style, but more power to those who decide to go this route. Some spend their money on electronics and gadgets. The gaming consoles, computers, 3D screened televisions. Not me again, but hey, more power. If you’re not hurting anyone else, I don’t care what you do. It’s your life and your money and I pass no judgement.

Feel free to throw stones at me all along the way though. Makes me no difference. As I said I am a fashion blogger. Most men have no idea that that’s not a hobby. It’s lucrative. I get paid to do what I do. I invest where I need to and I do as I please with the fruits of my labor. And thankfully I have a thoughtful and far too generous husband who I’m pretty sure never even looked at a price tag before he met me. Needless to say he supports and encourages my every endeavor.

Cheers to the material girls all over the world who love what they love and feel no shame. My fashionistas, fashion bloggers, business women, daddy’s girls and those who started from the bottom. Having champagne taste is a gift. Gifts aren’t to be wasted. Be you…love who you are and have zero regrets.

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