Haute Halloween

Haute Halloween

This year for Halloween my husband and I played an eerie couple from the past. The Evil Renaissance Wench and the Headless Horseman. Today, I’m detailing what it took to create my look. These are all products that are easy to find and very versatile for any look you may be trying to achieve, day or night.

For the eyes, I wanted a sunken look. So I used a mixture of shades from the Too Faced Stardust eyeshadow palette. Mixing the two reddish colors (Double Tap and Girls Night) allowed me to achieve a bruised and sore, sunken eye look. I smoked it up with Sin City black and lined both eyes heavily with black eyeliner. Both pencil and liquid forms. I used yellow powder all over to achieve a pale ghastly look, with just a hint of a cheek from my Tarte blush palette. The brows are extra thick and dark for added effect. My husband recommended a deep lip color instead of a nude, which was my original choice. I think his idea was better. I used an Urban Decay matte lipstick in Bad Blood.

On to the actual costumes! Sometimes it’s as simple as the click of a button. We ordered these babies online, just a few nights ago at quite the discounted price. You can likely catch a great deal on them post Halloween. In fact, I purchase costumes after the fact many times because of the great price. You never know when you’ll need a nurse costume! Especially in the entertainment biz! Oh and…when hubby falls ill, he appreciates the extra effort 😉

Go shop my Instagram for liketoknow.it links to all make up products, as well as these awesome costumes!

Hope you all had frightful and safe Halloweens! Happy Shopping!


Brandi Runnels

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