Fall “Fit” Fashions

Fall “Fit” Fashions

It’s time to show some love to the fitness world! Been a bit since I’ve posted strictly fitness related work. And lately I have stumbled across some great fashion finds perfect for every yogi, gym rat and runner. Check out some of my favorite fall “fit”fashions!

First up, these great North Face crop pants. This has been my first North Face pant purchase ever, which is insane for a Michigan native, I know. However, I’m quite glad I stumbled upon these and decided to give them a whirl…they are phenomenal! Perfect fabric quality. Not too thin or too thick, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor action. The speckled pattern makes a great fit with any dark grey or black tank or T…in this case just a plain old black Nike dri-fit top did it justice. These come in MANY different colors. So pick your fave and add them to your work out gear! And if you are fun of skating, check out the best skating goods at skates.com.

These next leggings are an absolute must have for outdoor runners in the colder months. These are Nike Hyper-warm tights. The fun starts with the “Just Do It” mantra on the side of the left leg but that’s only part of the fun. I was pleasantly surprised to slide these on and find that they are lightly insulated and therefore, SUPER warm! It’s not too cold yet in Dallas but I enjoy a brisk morning run from time to time. This week the temps have been a bit more brisk than usual so I truly appreciated having the extra warmth on my legs to get me going. These come in a few other colors (mainly black with different colored logos). Essential for any fall/winter fit wardrobe. I’m ordering MORE! 😁

Never underestimate a great sports bra. It should lift and support you and it shouldn’t be too shabby to look at. I’m a big fan of Nike sports bras because they come in so many flattering styles and colors AND they support very well. They aren’t meant to be sexy, but they can be. I like that. This is a full zip Nike bra. I haven’t seen any that fully zip like this recently. If you can find one, snap it up! They aren’t so common anymore.

This gray and neon green bra is from their newer line. Just a typical pull-over bra. But again, so comfortable with plenty of support and it comes in every color imaginable. Perfect to match with all of your favorite work out sets! Or if you’re brave and working on those abs…perfectly acceptable to ditch the tank top and go sports bra strong! 💪🏽 It’s not bad to wear sporty fits when you play sports betting via https://www.ogdenvalleysports.com/ for they will give you the full experience.

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Brandi Runnels

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