Leopard Living

Leopard Living

Full disclosure: I feel like sometimes leopard print gets a bad rep. I think we can credit this to the 80’s. And yes, I’ll admit, sometimes I scoff at leopard print because it takes me back to the days of a young Brandi watching “Married With Children.” You know, the opening scene where Peggy Bundy is tossing a salad smoking a cigarette? Mmmhmmm…sometimes that’s leopard print. But lately, I’ve been seeing leopard print in a much more classic sense. Heels, coats, dresses, heck even boots. Leopard print is making a comeback in a life altering way!

The classic leopard heel is everywhere right now. The highest end being the leopard Louboutin, which I am really into and hoping to add to my collection, but less of a price tag are these awesome Sam Edelman heels. Sam makes a few different styles but I like a good round-toe pump so I selected this. Comfortable and stylish. Great with any solid color look. Perfect with jeans or a dress. A good leopard shoe adds style to any outfit you pair it with.

Winter is a great time to start growing your leopard collection because of two things: scarves and coats! A traditional leopard print scarf is a beacon of light on a cold cloudy day. At a time when blacks and grays are sort of the norm, kicking up your look with a leopard accent around the neck is a sure fire way to stand out! If you’re brave, I suggest going for more than just a leopard accent and go for more coverage. There are some tasteful great leopard print coats available these days! Mine is a Steve Madden wrap coat and it’s my absolute favorite this season! So warm and cozy, pockets for my gloves and a hood to throw over your head for those wet, snowy days. I just love this coat.

Back to bottoms, UGGS are the jam. An absolutely reliable winter staple. UGGS don’t have to just be brown though. Why not leopard print? And why not glittery on top of it all? Yes, please! I adore these UGG boots. They are so comfortable and yet, such awesome statement pieces!

Don’t sleep on a leopard print dress, my friends. It’s not a negative for the holiday season, in fact I find a good leopard print dress to be quite festive and lovely! This dress was a steal at Revolve Clothing. But there are plenty of leopard dresses on the market to fit what you are looking for. I like this particular dress because of the sleeve length and the gratuitous cleavage 😉 I also like that it is a matte material and not so shiny, less obnoxious. It’s a great piece that I’m glad to own.

All of these looks and items can be found on my Instagram. You can shop all of these looks there too via liketoknow.it! Get the leopard look in your life ladies!

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Happy Shopping!

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