What the heck is Liketoknow.it or #LTK ?!?!

What the heck is Liketoknow.it or #LTK ?!?!

Hey guys! So it seems some are having a little trouble understanding #LTK and how it works, so I am going to break it down here!

What exactly is #LTK?

It’s an online shopping site that features the styles and fashions of TOP fashion bloggers only. I am a fashion blogger as are plenty of other celebs and socialites who use this service. Many of us bloggers are always asked “where did you buy that” or “what are your favorite places to shop?”  #LTK makes it so you never have to ask and you can actually shop our exact looks very simply!

How it works:

You sign up to use the service here. It is free. You can window shop all you like. You never have to buy a thing ever if you don’t want to. Or you can shop people’s styles often (like me! I have about 5 fashionistas I follow on Instagram,who’s looks I shop often). Once you have signed up go browse my IG. Say you see this picture…

You say “hey I love the dress, wonder who it’s by and how much it costs?”  So via IG you go ahead and “like” ❤️ the pic. Moments later you will receive an email to your inbox that looks like this:

You will click on the dress on the bottom and it will take you here:

As you can see I bought this dress from Nordstrom! If you decide you want it you buy the dress STRAIGHT FROM NORDSTROM, not from me. I just led you to it. If you don’t want the dress, don’t buy it. Check out something else or go back to whatever you were doing before you liked the pic in the first place.

You see how easy that is? You never have to buy anything you don’t want. Never have to commit to anything AND you never have to ask me what I’m wearing ever again.

If you like trendy clothes from Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Topshop, Shopbop, Revolve, ASOS, Bebe, Neimans, etc…you will love using #LTK. It makes the relationship between blogger and blog reader super simple. And #LTK knows when #Edenians shop through me…and they appreciate it a lot. So yes, it does help me too.

Now that you fully understand…head on over to liketoknow.it and get set up to receive emails. You ONLY get emails IF you like something. They do not advertise or send you spam. You control THE WHOLE THING and it’s absolutely brilliant. Don’t miss out! Get to liking and get to shopping!


Brandi Runnels

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