Beauty Blog!!

Beauty Blog!!

Many of you have been asking about my beauty regime…and I’ve finally gotten around to sharing some of my favorite hair, skin, and make up products!


I have just come across a new (to me) hair care line called Deva Curl.  I am currently using their shampoo and conditioner. The line is for naturally curly and or ethnic hair and I fall into that category. The cool thing about it is how clean it feels after use. It’s a brand that doesn’t believe in the thick lathering of shampoo. They offer a “no” lather shampoo and a little bit of lather. I opt for the slight lather because I’m just so used to lathering. But maybe over time I will convert! The product is sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. The fragrance is super duper light and like I said it just feels clean and your hair feels soft and smooth after use. I’m a big fan.


My daily skin routine is simple. I use St Ives apricot scrub daily. It works amazingly well for me and it’s cheap and easy to find everywhere. Important when you travel every single week and often have your luggage lost! I do try to do a mask or peel every so often. My favorites are Microdelivery by Philosophy and Green Apple Peel by Juice Beauty. Use those things sparingly. You don’t want to over exfoliate your skin ever.

Also for skin, I love Olay moisturizing lotions. They are so thick and luxurious and so easy to find anywhere. Great for travel. They also offer a shimmer lotion which adds just a hint of sparkle. Great for date nights or even daily wear!

Make Up

My current favorite eye shadow pallet is by Stila. I use the Soul Shadow Pallet. For me it offers richer colors than the Naked pallets do. I am a big fan of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. The name is super inaccurate BUT it is a fabulous lengthening and thickening mascara and comes in both travel and full size again, great for travel or just to try it out! To give you that natural blush and glow opt for a Nars blush. My go to is Outlaw. Nice shimmer and color.

The best thing about all of these suggestions I’ve made is that you can get them ALL at Ulta!  Order online and pick up in store! Be sure to get an Ulta membership. Half of the time when I go into Ulta I get major discounts. When you spend money the rewards just keep racking up!


Brandi Runnels

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