Possession Horror Delight

Possession Horror Delight

Lets back up. I want to explain how myself and all things ghoulish became friends. I grew up figure skating as most know. The bond between skater and coach is pretty tight. Especially when you’re the coaches pet. So…my coach, a hard façade of a woman at the time (and someone I obtained a lot of brashness and sarcasm from, proudly) she was really into scary stuff. Her husband, at the time, helped build haunted houses. These were in the backwoods of Michigan and Ohio. We would drive 2 or 3 hours just to get to some of them and to be honest, I wasn’t a fan.

In fact, I was terrified because I was like 12 years old. And as I said, he built the houses and knew the actors. So 12 year old me would set foot into some terrifying maze, he would radio ahead and say “fresh meat coming through, Brandi is her name”.

Oh s&7#.

So I would enter the house being called by the “monsters” the whole way. Nothing scarier than some half reads knowing your name and awaiting your arrival. I witnessed some things far too adult for me and that to this day I can recall like a photograph. These memories STILL make my skin crawl. I don’t know when I stopped dreading it and started loving it. I guess it’s a part of my childhood to have the bejesus scared out of me so now you have a little background…on to the topic of interest.

Every time I go hunting on Netflix for a horror film to indulge in, The Taking of Deborah Logan pops up. I don’t know why but something always has stopped me from watching it. I guess it’s because I had trouble believing that an Alzheimer’s patient can be jump out of your seat scary.

Boy was I wrong. I finally decided to go for it and I was pleasantly surprised. The movement of this movie I watched via โหลดเกม is great. It’s not like other paranormal thrillers where it takes time to get to the meat. You get the steak, hot and juicy, right away. The terrifying part is everyone starting to realize that what they thought to be impossible is surely possible and there ain’t a thing they can do to fight it. Deborah isn’t always Deborah.

It has just the right amount of unbelievable occurances to make you absolutely believe in what is happening. The guerrilla style shooting ads to the believability because you aren’t dazzled by cinematography. It’s simple, and for me, simple is real.

The actress who plays Deborah (Jill Larson) is delightfully terrifying. She is so prim and proper she reminds me of an old church lady that will smack your hand sharply for falling ever so slightly out of line, and then smile and tell you that “God is good.” Terrifyingly brilliant.

All the way from start to finish this film will leave you feeling uneasy and fulfilled. Don’t skip the last 5 seconds, they are my favorite of the whole film.

Add The Taking of Deborah Logan to your list of fall frights and let me know if you tinkled yourself just a little bit, or a whole lot.

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