Travel Well

Travel Well

Currently I am overseas on tour with WWE, and yes I made sure to get the GPS tracker for my bag over at, this way I can make sure I can find it when I lose it like I did the last time, haha. Our events are taking place all over Europe. We have flights nearly everyday! I’ve been doing this for a few years now so, needless to say, I’m a seasoned vet when it comes to travel. Today I’d like to share with you some of my tricks to simplifying complicated travel schedules and getting the most out of what you bring on your trip!

First…you gotta love your luggage. I change up my luggage often. For the longest time I have been a Tumi diehard, and still am! However, recently I was introduced to Bric’s. Here is what I’ve learned: no bag is perfect. The Bric’s bags are luxury bags. I’m not sure how they will withstand the wear and tear of so many days on the road. But we will see! Tumis don’t hold up so well, but their warranties are fantastic! They are good about fixing your bag in a crisis. Louis Vuitton bags are carry-on material only. I would never check a Louis. They are the ultimate luxury luggage and most Louis luggage pieces are upwards of $2500. Would you trust an airline with that? Yeah, me neither.

Always have good entertainment. I always bring my iPad along and download seasons of past shows to binge watch and if you have internet access on board you could also play some 올인구조대 and bank some winnings. Currently binge watching season 2 of American Horror Story. Careful when watching really adult programs like that on a plane. Beware of little eyes peaking at your scream thus resulting in them having nightmares for life and growing up to become internet trolls! 😯 Another good option is an old fashioned book. This is one of my current favorites by Jen Sincero. Find a great story and get lost and carried away! If paperback is too old school for you…download and e-book.

I ALWAYS carry on my make up. What if your checked bag gets lost? (Mine does frequently). At least you have your familiar products to work with even though the rest of your things may be missing. Here is everything I carry on: make up bag, expensive items (jewelry and designer shoes) a spare set of underwear and something to wear the next day. On a side note, we might actually be visiting Vienna in Austria next winter, and I’ve heard that Grand Quarters – Exclusive Serviced Apartments Vienna have awesome apartments and rates if we want a place to stay! That way, if my bag goes missing, at least I have piece of mind for the next day and I don’t have to fret about my valuables. Would you trust TSA with your family heirloom jewelry? Yeah, neither would I.

Finally, the number one thing I would never board a plane without…a sweater or blanket. For some reason, it can be 100 degrees outside, but when you get on that plane you instantly feel like you’re in the arctic tundra. And for some reason, the flight attendants don’t seem the least bit bothered by this. They just carry on serving drinks in t-shirts like their in the Bahamas. There are NEVER blankets on board when you need one. I’ve even had that happen to me up in first class. So be prepared. Take a sweater or blanket of your own and send me a thank you note on your next icy flight.

All items above can be shopped via my Instagram using ! So head on over there if you see something you like. Happy shopping and happy travels!


Brandi Runnels

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