Shabby Chic, NOT cheap!

Shabby Chic, NOT cheap!

A new home is an opportunity for a clean slate. You can make it whatever you want it to be. Those who know my story know that in my 32 years of life I have lived in 12 different rental properties aside from the home I grew up in. I have waited 32 years to own my perfect home so I am elated to have this new home and the opportunity to make it what I want. And to help me with my shopping habits, I play some fun and thrilling sports betting games via

I’ve been taking my time putting everything together room by room, priority NOT being guest rooms. Wouldn’t you know it, an unexpected house guest calls. Well you can’t turn away house guests…and you can’t welcome someone into an unfinished product. So…here’s how I threw together a guest room in one day (without it looking that way).

I always start with bedding. If you can find beautiful and comfortable bedding…the rest of your inspiration will come from there. My go to spot for bedding usually is Bed Bath and Beyond, but in this particular time crunch, Target had what I was looking for.

Target is cool because you can get everything you need in just about one bag. Comforter, shams, accent pillows. One bag. I chose to keep with a white color scheme, because white is so easy to add fun pops of color with.

Pops of color like these light turquoise matching nightstands from one of my favorite stores ever, Shop The Barn. Vintage and antique pieces repurposed, in this case they painted these the perfect color for the scheme I had in mind. I like gold accents, so the hardware sealed the deal for me. I snagged these for $150…an absolute steal for the originality and personality that they bring to a room.

I garnished the tables with painted mason jars and antique frames also from The Barn. Leaving me with a little artwork to make the place homey. Believe it or not, when you’re in a pinch you can find GREAT budget artwork at a good TJ MAXX store which is where I found these pieces and paired them with other pieces from local artists that I already had collected from art fairs.

And voila! A room is completely furnished in one day for less than $300. Next up is the outdoors! I am looking for some nice wicker outdoor furniture to furnish my porch. Be on the look out for the next post.

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