Kudos to you if you get the headline. You are grown and sexy! At any rate, I have finally completed the living room (or family room…or great room) in my home and I wanted to share! :). Keep in mind…the window treatments are in the process of changing and it’s a custom job so…2 months or so to completion…I didn’t want to wait that long!

The room is all specialty with the exception of the couch and chair. Everything else you can try to replicate, but you can’t just find. I enjoy finding unique pieces for this reason. I never want to go to a friends home and find they have the exact same dining set as me, or artwork or rugs. I want my space to be unique and memorable, and that’s what I feel I’ve created here in my home.

Let’s begin with the more commercial items. When it comes to couches and chairs I don’t want to compromise comfort and functionality for a “vintage” feel so I do get these pieces from well known spots and then dress them up with my own decor. The couch comes from Haverty’s…I picked a neutral color in order to fit with my wilder art colors and of course, the cow print rug and pillows. The leather reclining chair is from The Nebraska Furniture Mart. This place has SO much furniture, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for here…it probably doesn’t exists as far as basic furnishings are concerned. I chose leather to bring in some texture and fun with the reclining option. Dark gray works well in the neutral palette, without becoming boring.

Now most of the cool pieces you see in here come from Shop the Barn. The vintage coffee and end table, the deer head (Hornsathan). Others come from Richardson Mercantile like the cow artwork on the walls, vintage clock and the cow print rug. I love shopping around at places like these and finding unique pieces that fit well with other unique pieces. To me, this creates a home. A comfortable place for people to sit down and appreciate their surroundings, even talk about them!

My favorite piece of the room is a Runnels family heirloom. The Robert Katona art piece. It’s sort of the feature of the room. Katonas are special and this one is one of my favorites because as you look at the picture you just keep seeing different things…an Indian chief, Eagles, Tigers…its just magical. The fact that it has a place in our home, it just feels like it belongs here and it fits in well with our color schemes and all around quirky togetherness of the room.

I’m not much of a homemaker, but I’m a hell of a home decorator. Every bit I am able to add to this home the more pride I am able to take in it. Every room completed means I am one step closer completing our own little slice of home sweet home.

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