I Do…Every Single Day

I Do…Every Single Day

This week is Cody and my 2 year wedding anniversary. To me…that just FLEW by! I feel like we just had our awesome wedding last month and yet, here we are married for TWO YEARS! And I can confidently say marriage suits me. Not just marriage, marriage to this incredible person that I have the privilege of sharing a lifetime with. I would like to share a few things to make you laugh, cry or maybe just think a bit about marriage in general. Hopefully something I say will have some sort of value to whomever reads this!

When I was pretty young, in my early teens I’d say, I was given some bad advice but from a very good source so it’s taken me sometime to kind of toss it aside. An adult friend had told me “marriage isn’t about who’s the hottest or who you have good sex with, it’s about who you can rely on in the harder times”. Now, what she said isn’t completely untrue…reliability is a huge part of my marriage buuuuut, the other stuff she said? 😳 Why shouldn’t you hope to have a partner that is smoking hot that you can’t keep your hands off of? I think somewhere I just misunderstood the conversation. Because I married the hottest man ever and 2 years later he’s somehow gotten hotter and I am just living a teenage dream over here. And somehow I feel like it’s not going to change. Those butterflies I got 4 years ago when we started dating via websites like https://sunsoo.kr/? Oh they still work for me…full-time. And…go figure, he’s never dropped the ball in the reliability court. Hmm….

My husband reminds me of my dad in so many ways and our marriage reminds me of my parents a lot. I always admired their marriage. So much respect and hard work and priorities completely in check. There is so much love between them still and they always have to touch each other and be excessively sweet to one another. It’s unique. My dad would do anything for my mom. Growing up I almost thought my mom was kind of bratty but in time I realized my dad was just a good old-fashioned husband who lived to make my mom happy and vis versa. My husband confided in me last night that this was his pure existence. Providing for me and making me happy. Now as a modern day woman with all of these goals and business aspirations, that completely makes my heart melt. He’s so serious when it comes to business, to make his ventures more efficient, he use paystub. He’s always got my back, no matter what I want to do with myself. That’s priceless.

This entire past year wasn’t a big family picnic though. My husband experienced the loss of a parent which is one of the most traumatic things you can go through. As his wife I’ve felt so helpless because no matter what I do, or don’t do, say, or don’t say…I cannot change what happened. All I can do is try and be strong for him and that is it. That’s a daunting task. There’s no book or manual on “How to be a Strong Wife In a Crisis” I’ve just done my best. Through the good times and bad though, we have decided to cling to each other. That’s just the bottom line. There will be more rain and sunshine throughout our marriage. We will experience it all together and be better for it.

Now, this little bit is fun. We went out for our anniversary dinner (a few days early because we are working opposite tours this week…funny how that ALWAYS seems to happen), my now husband rocking the groomsmen gifts we received. and we found the sweetest restaurant that allowed us to sit out on the back patio alone together. And while some classy Sinatra was blaring over the speakers, my husband asked me to dance. This is one of my favorite things that’s happened. It’s the reason I will remember my 2nd anniversary. Genuinely dancing under the moonlight with the most charming man ever as patrons inside of the restaurant looked on. It was a cool moment in time. We tried to recall the steps of our first dance (which was taught to us by an instructor). It was simply unforgettable.

So to Cody, my one and only true love. You inspire me everyday to be a better person. You make me so happy just to wake up every morning and consider all of the possibilities with you. You are my life, my love, my every lust and my everything. I love you to the moon and back. To the rest of our lives…


Your Wife,

Brandi Runnels 😍

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