Mastering the Eye Palette

Mastering the Eye Palette

I LOVE eye palettes. Love them. In fact I love them too much because I own more than the necessary amount for a woman that is not a professional make up artist! Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite make up palettes that I currently use and own. And you can all thank Natalya Neidhart for this post because she bought me most of these… haha!😊

Stardust. He’s not just a wrestler folks. Stardust is a piece of eye palette perfection brought to you by Too Faced cosmetics. Natty bought me this for my wedding anniversary, actually. Seriously, what a sweet friend right? So what makes this palette special? Well it’s certainly named well because it truly has celestial quality colors.  Many of them have a cool shimmer about them that is reminiscent of stardust itself. The mix of sparkle, warm and cool colors is perfect for any look you are trying to create, day to night! This is definitely a palette you will want to add to your repertoire!

Ok so another palette…also from Natty (Christmas gift)…and also from Too Faced (seriously isn’t Natty just the bees knees?). This one is called “La Petite Maison”. As you probably guessed, it offers a very Parisian feel.  In fact, it comes in a special box that pops up when you open it, to resemble a Parisian closet! Very cute and unique. I’m enjoying this palette so much because the colors are so different than the Stardust palette’s. Many of them still offer a shimmer, but it is more subtle. These shades are more for everyday wear. Nothing in the palette is particularly heavy. You will find mainly warm colors in here. Soft pinks and toasty browns. There are a couple of richer colors like purple, but overall a very tame palette. The cool thing about it is the fact that both of my Too Faced palettes came with samples of my favorite mascara, Better than Sex. It’s phenomenal. Pumped up lashes without having to over-coat 👌🏽.  Definitely check that stuff out. And when you are confident enough, you’d be able to play ทางเข้าบาคาร่า more effectively and increase your chances of making more money.

Most people think of brows and contouring when they think of the Anasatasia Beverly Hills cosmetics line. But did you know that they offer totally fabulous eye shadow palettes as well? Oh baby do they ever?! Another sweet Christmas gift I received this year from my sister-in-law  was this Anastasia “Self Made” eye palette. It’s everything you love about Anastasia just rolled into this awesome shadow palette. The colors are super rich, thick, and versatile. You have your warm browns, golds and pinks, as well as your cool purples, silvers and turquoise families. There are great colors for highlighting and blending. Many of the colors offer that soft shimmer that’s all the craze these days. The coolest thing about this palette is that it comes with its own little brush that fits inside of the palette and surprise! It’s actually a really great brush that works really well! It also has a nice mirror so you really have everything in one here. Won’t need a single thing!

Finally, a palette that our make up team (WWE Make up Divas) likes to use on us for our TV tapings is by Morphe cosmetics. This is a fun palette to work with if you are looking for a lot of colors all in one place. It is also a very cost effective brand…prices are very, very reasonable for the amount of colors you are receiving! The colors are great, rich and high quality, which is why they are comfortable using them on us for high-definition television. I have really enjoyed allowing the girls to experiment on me with these palettes and look forward to using more Morphe products in the future!

These are some of my current faves! Would love to hear if you have any palettes that you can’t live without! Of course, as always, you can shop for all of these palettes via my Instagram (@realedenwwe) using It’s super simple. Sign up to , like my pics that you want shopping details on, then just wait for shopping links to drop into your email inbox!

Happy Shopping! New Year, New You!

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