Give me ASIA

Give me ASIA

I had major reservations about coming to Singapore and Japan. I loved the idea of crossing the globe, but let me tell you guys…I LOVE my husband. It’s a love I cannot describe…everything I think about is for him. Every little thing I buy I think of him. I am obsessed with my husband because he’s in my soul. So leaving him this soon after a tragedy broke my heart. However, Singapore and Japan, I needed you can’t wait to play golf on your amazing golf course using the best Golf Clubs there are. 

I’m sitting on the flight back teary eyed because when I remember the trip I remember fondly good people. You guys silently knew what I felt and you said nothing and did nothing. You brought amazing signs that you worked hard on. You respected me and you respected my family. No one talked of anything but when we played the Dusty video at The Beast in the East and I raised my microphone you gave him respect. Thank you for that. It was my favorite part of the whole trip because it was real and it connected us.

I was in Singapore for less than 24 hrs and very jet lagged. But I met great fans. They talked to me about Twitter and my announcing and it was a great feeling. All the way across the globe you guys know me. And you make me feel welcome in a time where I feel exploited and untrusting. Being there was the realist feeling I’ve had in weeks. The only fun I had in Singapore besides struggling to find sleep was eating, working out and peering out of my window.

After WWE Singapore we were off on a 7hr flight to Tokyo. 2 days in Tokyo meant big plans for me. If you missed the show and the fights, you can always bet at Ufabet they have a lot of sports to bet on. As soon as we arrived I set out on an adventure. I was told by a good friend to check out a store called Toy Sapiens in the Harajuku part of town. So I hopped a cab and went. What a place. I wanted to go there for Cody. It’s his cup of tea. I found him some cool rare gifts, maybe he will tweet about them when he receives them and you guys can see what I am talking about :).

After this though, country girl got lost in the big city. I started walking into shops (picked up a couple of fashion items that I will share later) but every store was unique. A lot of vintage cool spots and it was pouring rain. I got carried away looking for hair products and before I knew it, no cabs were anywhere in site and NO ONE spoke English. No one could understand me. Here I am in Tokyo, alone and in the pouring rain. I was scared and my feet were killing me. I had an umbrella but My denim was soaked up to my knees!

Finally I found what I was looking for, grabbed a taxi and went back to the shelter of my Americanized hotel. It was a crazy experience but I’m glad I did it. If you visit Tokyo, Harajuku is a MUST. Just avoid going alone and in the rain. It’s overwhelming!

At WWE Tokyo I met the best fans. These are some of the artworks they designed for me. The gal that drew the Eden sign let me know that she reads and enjoys my blog. Heartwarming. I hope she is reading this now and smiling. I enjoyed speaking with her and taking pictures.

And now I head back with only one thing on my mind. Cody. My partner in crime, greatest love and absolute counter part. I love and miss him and can’t wait to be in those arms.

But a shout out to his friends who without coaching knew how hard the trip could have been for me and stepped up to make sure I was smiling and well. Claudio and Stu. Good friends. They love my husband and out of respect for him treat me so kindly all of the time. True gents.

I hope to be back to Singapore and Japan soon. It was worth every minute of travel to get to you and feel like myself again. I hope that my husband joins me next time. Much love to you all. Until we meet again.

Brandi Runnels

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