Happy Birthday Darlin’

Happy Birthday Darlin’

This blog’s title is the title of my favorite Conway Twitty song. Now the only reason I know Conway Twitty at all is because of my husband. And I’m glad he turned me on to his music because he has some short, simple, but damn good things to say.

I remember finding this song on my own birthday a few years back…it was a situation similar to our current, but role reversal. Cody was overseas on my birthday, we were residing in Georgia which never ever agreed with me and I was just all alone. No friends or family, just me. I was very sad…birthdays are a time for fun and celebration, NOT complete solitude. This time I am the one traveling, heading to Asia for our tour and my mind keeps going back to “Happy Birthday Darlin’.”

The words of this song provided me comfort in a time where I was losing faith and wondering what on earth my plan was. If you listen to it, you’ll see just why it was exactly what I needed to hear. I’m a woman of faith and I surely believe God threw that song in my lap as a gift from him to me.

So I’m passing it along to my love in my absence. He deserves everything in this world, and I feel terrible that I am away on such a significant day. Literally counting down the hours until I get to see him again and wishing that we could be together on his special day. Cody, you are my absolute sunshine even on the stormiest of days.

Happy Birthday Darlin’

Eternally Yours,


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