Wine Down

Wine Down

The color is everywhere this season. The classic and crisp burnt red is flying off of store hangers quicker than the X-Box One, was that…two years ago?? Geez. Anyways, you call it burgundy, but I call it wine. It’s not a secret, I like the finer things so wine just sings to me on the color wheel.

Why has it become so popular this fall/winter season? I think because it’s just a sophisticated twist on a classic color. Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays red is always a staple. Brighter red.  So a fun way to switch things up and stay within the color scheme is to toast the color a bit. And voilà! Wine is in and it’s taking over!

My bit of wine this post comes from an awesome site I’ve been newly introduced to A great place to find everything you’re looking for and in this case I was on the hunt for a crimson blazer. She Inside delivered! This velvety “Wine Red Lapel Zipper Blazer” is an excellent Christmasy edition to the wardrobe!  The fold-over lapel has such a regal look and the pocket zippers on either side offer a unique touch. I don’t like generic looks, especially when it comes to Blazers. That tends to read “boring” to me. Snooooooze. Simple touches and details like this stand out and allow you to be seen as the unique and creative fashionista that you are! Sophisticated style doesn’t have to be so serious all the time!

I love how well this blazer pairs with something low key, like dark wash jeans and cowboy boots, as pictured below. I chose to add a pinch of glamour with the Haute Hippie charcoal sequined top underneath. The combination of chic and laid-back is able to harmonize because of the blazer. It’s texture and coverage allow for almost anything to work with it.

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